My name is Helen Sturesson and I’m an interior designer and stylist, based in Malmö, Sweden. I’ve been doing this for 18 years now and I love it!

Here’s what I do mostly:
• Planning and styling interior solutions for magazines, catalogues, brochures, 3D-rooms etc.
• Creating and building interior solutions for public spaces and for visual merchandise, e.g. showrooms, offices and stores.

Some of my typical clients are:
Advertising agencies, magazines, private businesses and 3D-Agency.

Here’s how I work:
The projects I’m involved in are usually based on a more or less detailed brief from my clients, describing the overall frame of the assignment.  My job is to interpret their intentions in the best way I can and translate their needs into inspiring, commercial interior solutions.

Here’s some work I’ve done so far:
• Planned and styled interior solutions and product images for numerous IKEA catalogues and brochures since 2001.

• Planned and styled interior solutions for the Nibe/Contura brochures and other media in many years.

• Planned 3D interiors for different companies.

• Planned a café, a supermarket, offices, conferencerooms, shop and more fun works.

• Worked with the build-up of new IKEA stores in China, Italy, France, Spain and Great Britain.

• Visited countless homes all over the world, both for research and stories for magazines.

All the best,